Vedic Consultation


During the consultation you will get:

  • Informations about your birth chart (planets, nakshatra etc.)
  • An astro-cartography to know the places on earth which are favorable to you or not
  • Two documents containing all the information of your chart
  • Complete information on your dosha, your guna, your dharma (and quizzes that you can share with those around you)
  • Ayurvedic and vegetable nutrition advice
  • Advice on lithotherapy according to your charter (if needed)
  • Sacred rituals
  • Your own unique mantra from your chart
  • Resources – books, videos, courses according to your needs

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A Complete Vedic Consultation is therefore a complete way to discover your true nature

Thanks to the three major techniques that bring together the Vedic sciences Ayurveda (food), yoga (movement and breathing) and jyotish (or astrology).

The Vedic sciences offer us the opportunity to discover our true nature through our nutrition, our activities, our thoughts, our astrology and our heart.

A Vedic consultation is a complete follow-up including a nutritional follow-up (ayurveda), bodily and spiritual (yoga) and karmic / astrological (jyotish).

A Vedic Consultation include – 
  • a reading of your birth chart to discover who you are,
  • an astrocartography to know your best places to live,
  • a doshas / gunas analysis to know how to eat and live,
  • the discovery of your dharma – your life path,
  • nutritional advice,
  • an introduction to yoga and breathing techniques (pranayama)
  • Introduction to stones
  • Your own personal Mantra

according to YOUR needs

Time: 2 hours of consultation to explore your inner nature!

Limited places: Only 4 people per month!

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only


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