Vedic Consultant

Align your body, mind & spirit with Vedic science

Created in 2o19, Ojas & Soma’s mission is to help you align your body, mind and your soul with a healthy diet, lifestyle and a real understanding of yourself by introducing you to the Vedic sciences.

Ayurveda (food), Yoga (movement, meditation and breathing) and Jyotish (or astrology) are the three major technics that bring together the Vedic sciences.

​Coming from India, the Vedic sciences are tools allowing us to align our body (food and movement) with our spirit (meditation) and our Karma (astrology) in order to fully live our Dharma (or mission of life).

​The Vedic sciences offer us the opportunity to discover our true nature through our nutrition, our activities, our thoughts, our astrology and our heart.

A Vedic consultation is a complete follow-up including a nutritional (Ayurveda), bodily and spiritual (Yoga) and karmic / astrological (Jyotish) follow-up .