In the Vedic System, our psychological nature is usually judged according to the Gunas, the prime attributes or qualities of nature – Prakriti

Known as Sattva, Raja and Tamas

The gunas indicate the mental traits respectively of clarity, distraction and dullness.

These three qualities reflect the level of development of the soul. They are not simply intellectual proclivities or emotional types.

They show the sensitivity of the mind, its capacity to perceive truth and act according to it.

There is seven gunas types –

  • Pure Sattva
  • Pure Rajas
  • Pure Tamas
  • Sattvas/Rajas
  • Sattvas/Tamas
  • Rajas/Tamas
  • Sattva/Rajas/Tamas
The gunas show our mental and spiritual state through which we can measure our propensity for psychological problems, as well as how we take care of ourselves.
The following test is a good index of these qualities and how they work within our life and character.
For most of us, the majority of our answers will likely fall in middle or rajasic area, which is the main condition in our culture today.
A sattvic nature shows a spiritual disposition. A highly sattvic nature is rare and shows a saint or a sage.
A tamasic person has danger of severe psychological problems, but would be unlikely to fill out such a chart.
The areas in ourselves that we can improve upon, from tamas to rajas for rajas to sattva, will help us in our peace of mind and spiritual growth. Our goal is to increase the level of sattva in our lives, regardless of the state we may find ourselves in to begin with.
Note -All this knowledge I am sharing with you is provides entirely from David Frawley work. I can’t recommend you enough his work, books, workshop and researches.
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