Have you ever noticed that many stories seem to have a similar pattern? There is always a protagonist who goes on an adventure, makes new friends, meets roadblocks, fights a villain and when he gets back home he has become another person. In fact, we can sum it up in two words: 

The Hero's Journey

The hero’s journey has its mark on all of our myths, movies, books and stories. As the hero crosses the world, he will undergo an inside/outside transformation at each stage of his/her journey. This is broken down into 3 acts.

  • The starting act: the hero leaves the ordinary world.
  • The initiation act: the hero ventures into unknown territory (the “special world”) and transforms into a true champion through various trials and challenges.
  • The return act: the hero returns in triumph.

This trip is also yours - You are the Hero of your own story

Believe it or not, but this plot also applies to you too! Yes to you!

How ? 

Your life is a story, like any other. You alone are the master of it. You will hear this call in your life, the call of “Your Life Path” – of your destiny. You can answer it or not, but if you refuse, this shall come back to you sooner or later. We cannot escape the call of adventure, it is our duty, our path, our mission, our DHARMA.

To know one’s dharma is to know how to eat, how to live, how to act according to our needs but also our best rituals, our potential in this life (life path) as well as our karma.

How to know your dharma?

Thanks to Vedic astrology! Vedic or Jyotish astrology guides us, it helps us to (re)discover our dharma. It reflects the law of karma, which includes both free will and the aspect of predetermination, or fate.

Our birth chart represents our karmic code, the samskaras with which we were born with, imprinted on our subtle or astral body. This code is analogous to the genetic code which describes the main potentials of the physical body. The birth chart indicates the main potentials of our whole life.

From an astrologer's point of view, the birth chart is the most important document we have in life.

Hindu astrology is as concerned with helping us to improve our karma as it is with telling us what our destiny will be. It is a kind of karmic management program to help us to optimize our karma but which also helps us to live our dharma, our life mission.

A Vedic Consultation to discover your life path

A Full Vedic Consultation is therefore a complete way to discover our true nature

Thanks to the three major techniques that bring together the Vedic Sciences ayurveda (food), yoga (movement and breathing) and jyotish (or astrology).

The Vedic sciences offer us the opportunity to discover our true nature through our nutrition, our activities, our thoughts, our astrology and our heart.

A Vedic consultation is a complete reading including : a nutritional (ayurveda & plant-based) follow-up, a bodily and spiritual (yoga) analysis and a karmic/astrological (jyotish) discovery.

A Vedic Consultation include – 

  • your birth chart reading to discover who you are,

  • an astrocartography reading to know your best places to live,

  • a doshas / gunas analysis to know how to eat and live according to your nature,

  • the discovery of your dharma – your life path,

  • nutritional advice,

  • an introduction to yoga and breathing techniques (pranayama),

  • healing stones advice
  • your own personal mantra

All according to YOUR needs

Time: 2 hours of consultation to explore your inner nature!

Our goal

Diving deep and discovering the secrets of your chart to help you to awaken the Hero that lies, dormant, in you

Who am I ?

I am Justine or Savitri, an eternal student of spiritual awakening.

Most importantly, I’m here to awaken your potential and help you (re)discover who you are. 

From an early age, I understood the importance of living a life aligned with our heart, our dharma and compassionate.

Today, I offer Vedic consultations to help you on your life path, to guide you toward your inner-voice – the voice of your heart / your dharma.

The benefits of a Vedic consultation

An exclusive, private consultation, in 1: 1 and by phone.

Limited places: Only 4 people per month!

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only


During the consultation you will get:

  • Information about your ascendant, moon and sun signs, your Nakshatras and much more!
  • An astrocartography reading to know the places on earth which are favorable to you or not
  • Two documents containing all your chart information (yantra)
  • Complete information on your dosha, your guna, your dharma (and quizzes that you will be able to share with those around you)
  • Ayurvedic and plant-based nutrition advice
  • Advice on lithotherapy (healing stones) according to your chart
  • Sacred rituals
  • Your own unique mantra according to your chart
  • Resources – books, videos, courses according to your needs

Start your inner journey now

Book your consultation for 250 euros

Your reviews

I loved the Vedic consultation.

Justine is very kind, caring, attentive and she does an exceptional job!

The consultation is very interesting, very rich in information and we learn a lot about ourselves.

We realize our opportunities, our strengths.
Our path is light up and we are more confident to continue it.
I met Justine "by chance" and I can only advise her to you. Justine is an authentic, gentle and luminous person.

She knew how to guide me on my way. It allowed me to meet and move forward more peacefully and to meet my inner being.

It was a wonderful meeting. I can only recommend it to you!

Thanks to her for who she is 🙏🌙💫
This Vedic consultation was a huge relief for me. Full of common sense, magic, sweetness, I felt a great connection between our two souls. [...] This consultation really helped me to see more clearly on my sacred feminine and what I can bring around me. I am satisfied, and since my reflections are more gentle towards myself, I am guided toward my path, my life mission. [...] THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Savitri

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