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Vedic Consultation

A Full Consultation to discover your True Inner Nature according to the Vedic sciences.

Ayurveda (food), Yoga (movement and breathing) and Jyotish (or astrology) are the three major techniques that bring together the Vedic sciences.

The Vedic sciences offer us the opportunity to discover our true nature through our nutrition, our activities, our thoughts, our astrology and our heart.

A Vedic consultation is a detailed consultation including a nutritional advice (Ayurveda), bodily and spiritual teaching (Yoga) and karmic / astrological (Jyotish) follow-up.

Included – A birth chart, one astrocartography, detailed info on Nakshatras & sub-charts (Navamsha, Hora, Panchamsha), doshas / gunas analysis, nutrition advices, introduction to yoga and breathing techniques (pranayama)

2 hours consultation

* I invest a lot of time and energy for these consultations and readings. As a result, I do not reimburse in the event of cancellation.                                 ** Maximum 4 customers a month & only Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

3 Months Training & Personal Follow-up

Advices and Follow-up 100% customized according to your dosha & dharma type

We often hear everything and its opposite in terms of nutrition.

We don’t really know what to do anymore! There is no “standard” solution for everyone.

Understanding the functioning of one’s own body (dosha), adapting one’s diet to one’s lifestyle, learning about nutrition and health are the pillars of a healthy and sustainable diet as well as improving the understanding of yourself.

The goal of this program is to give you the tools you need to become independent in nutrition, health and to know who you are exactly.

Become an actor and not a spectator! Be the change you want to see in the World.

Goals :

  • Plant-Based transition
  • Ayurvedic nutrition (dosha & dharma)
  • Vedic follow-up (jyotish reading & personal developpment advice)

Professional Training

Vedic Sciences for Teachers & Healers

Are you a yoga teacher, a consultant, a therapist ? Do you want to develop your knowledge and share it with your students ?

Would you like to be able to offer real follow-up to your students and awakening them up to Ayurveda or/and to Vedic astrology & Sciences?

Start your 100% unique training today!

Face-to-face learning, by Skype or by phone (face-to-face in real life on request and if possible)

Included – 100% personalized training based on your questions and needs! 

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