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Vedic Consultation

A Full Consultation to discover your True Inner Nature according to the Vedic sciences.

Ayurveda (food), Yoga (movement and breathing) and Jyotish (or astrology) are the three major techniques that bring together the Vedic sciences.

A Vedic consultation is a detailed consultation including a nutritional advice (Ayurveda), bodily and spiritual teaching (Yoga) and karmic / astrological (Jyotish) follow-up.

Included – A birth chart, one astrocartography, detailed info on Nakshatras & sub-charts (Navamsha, Hora, Panchamsha), doshas / gunas analysis, nutrition advices, introduction to yoga and breathing techniques (pranayama)

2 hours consultation

* I invest a lot of time and energy for these consultations and readings. As a result, I do not reimburse in the event of cancellation.

** Maximum 4 customers a month & only Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Your astro-cartography reading

Discover your inner-map

Where are your best places on earth ? Where should you work, get married or retire ?

Learn more about the places you could fit in around the world


– 16 pages about your best places with planetary influences

– 1 audio to learn more about your personal astro-cartography and questions you might have

Karmic axis reading

Reading your karmic axis Rahu / Ketu, Saturn/Gulika

Rahu is the northern lunar node and Ketu is the southern lunar node. They represent our karmic axis and are the indicators of our past and future karmic lives. Ketu provides the key to our past life – our karma and Rahu our dharma or mission, which is to be experienced in this life. This Rahu and Ketu axis is a major axis because it allows us to better understand life by cleaning up our past and by knowing our mission. Saturn & Gulika (his satellite), also represents an important part of our karma and our challenges to face in this life. Its study allows us to apprehend life in a smoother and more aligned way.

Included :
– A summary document of your axis (planets, signs & Nakshatra) with remedies if necessary
– 1 audio to clarify your questions and better understand the influences

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