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For a world without disease


Why Heavenly Fuel

Mr. V S Giridhar founded HFL to offer organic and pure health and care products.

Although he braved an autoimmune disease, Mr. Giridhar had an indomitable spirit and dreamed big.

His dream: A world without disease

Following his untimely demise in 2015, and in order to realize his vision of a disease-free world through alternative medicine, the AYUSH system was introduced in India.

AYUSH for Ayurveda, Yoga, (Naturopathy), Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy.

A public charity under the name of Giridhar Rehabilitation And Care Endowment was established in March 2016.

Since then, a panel of Siddha and Ayurvedic doctors now offers free consultations.

Health retreats are also organized periodically.

To offer specific Ayurvedic medicines to patients, a manufacturing facility has been set up at Golden Jubilee Biotech Park, Siruseri. This factory supports the work of Indian women in biotechnology.

A partnership to grow together

Why this partnership?
Because I know that an Ayurvedic consultation is not accessible to everyone.
However, the number of chronic diseases is increasing and overcrowded hospitals are struggling to keep up with all patients. 
These consultations allow the most financially disadvantaged people to have access to alternative care if they wish.
Ayurveda is about healing and we should all have access to it.
And the same goes for Ayurvedic products – all social classes should have access to the plants, regardless of their financial situation.

To book your 30min/1h consultation, please email at – akshaya@colouramalgamations.com with the code OJASANDSOMA

Ojas & Soma is not responsible for the consultations and products of Heavenly Fuel Limited Ltd. The free consultation as well as the herbs are entirely the responsibility of Heavenly Fuel Limited Ltd.