The use of astro-cartography offers a unique perspective on the world and what it has in store for us.
This technique allows us to find where our ideal locations might be based on our current phase of life.
Finding the perfect place to retire will be different from where you should build a career or where to do business, your vacation destination, your wedding venue etc. – each is unique.
Astro-cartography has a lot to say on this subject. There are places in the world that can provide us with pure gold, while others will be more difficult for us.
It depends entirely on our individual design, and some opportunities may be waiting for you where you least expect them. And it works the other way around, too – what looks like fertile land on the outside can turn out to be a personal wilderness when you get there.
Studying your complete personal geographic map (through astro-cartography) can help you gain a broader view of life and the opportunities that may arise on your doorstep.

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