“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means.”
– David Frawley


Prana, Tejas, Ojas – The three vital energies.
Ojas represents Strength, Energy, Power

Ojas gives mental endurance, strength, insulation, immunity, fertility, patience, and equilibrium.


The drink of the Gods prepared with plant juices. Soma is also translated as Chandra, the Moon God.

Soma exists as forms of Feeling, Love, Creativity and Inspiration

Cultivating Soma means cultivating the fuel of devotion, receptivity, love and surrender.

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I met Justine "by chance" and I can only advise you. Justine is an authentic, gentle and luminous person.

She knew how to accompany me on my way. It allowed me to meet and move forward more serenely and to meet my inner being.

It's a wonderful meeting. I can only recommend it to you!

Thanks to her for what she is 🙏🌙💫


This Vedic consultation is a huge relief for me. Full of common sense, a magic sweetness, I felt a great connection between our two minds. [...] This consultation really helped me to see more clearly on my sacred feminine and what I can bring around me. I am satisfied, and since my reflections are more gentle towards me, are of advantages guided by my path, my life mission. [...] THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Savitri


Justine has always been there to advise me at best no matter the problem - skin, stress, anxiety or nutrition. She is a reference in the field. With her I finally discovered that eating better and taking care of myself was simple and more, a real pleasure. A very rewarding experience and tips!


I loved the Vedic consultation.

Justine is very kind, caring, attentive and she does an exceptional job!

The consultation is very interesting, very rich in information and we learn a lot about ourselves.

We realize our opportunities, our strengths.
Our path is lit up and we are more confident to continue it.


With the sweetest care, Justine’s amazing knowledge helped to heal my body and taught me invaluable wisdom of plant based diet. I do recommend her guidance to anyone who wants to learn about and improve their health. Health is wealth. Wealth is health.


Justine is a trustable person, full of resources. I have called on her advice many times, whether it concerns my stress, my diet, my birth control... or cosmetic products!
Justine is always listening, and she never leaves a question without an answer. She soothes, reassuring and opens up to new perspectives... without ever imposing anything. It's a real pleasure to exchange with her.

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